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You can Make Beautiful Piano Compositions

Something you can put your name on and flaunt to loved ones. Why not? It’s an astonishing thing when you consider it. Where there was once nothing, now exists a bit of music created by you. We should look at how we may approach making a total bit of music.


Your underlying thought is an imperative stride. Why? Since the underlying thought is the establishment for the whole piece! For instance, suppose you get a specific song as a primary concern. You go to the piano and play it. Be that as it may, then you’re ceased frosty and don’t know how or where to continue next. What to do? You have to first draw out 8-bars on a bit of paper.

Working with a 8-bar expression is the most ideal way I am aware of catching musical thoughts and transforming them into undeniable pieces. You can work out as a significant part of the song as you can, or you can do what I do – write in the initial 2-bars (the underlying thought) and after that utilization harmonies to rapidly fill in the whole 8-bars. This illustration is whether you work with song first.

You can likewise “make” working solely with harmonies. That is, you can take a couple harmonies (like you have in the lesson “Appearance in Water”) and play around with them making a couple of minutes of music. These chordal act of spontaneities are an incredible approach to get your thoughts out. In the event that you needed to create Reflections in Water or “form” it, you’d need to put it on an outline and compose the harmony images on top. At that point, you’d have something you could retreat to and play again in the event that you needed. You’d have an entire bit of music.

Quite a while prior, I read a book on musical structure where the writer proposes you should work with either the song or the harmonies and not both without a moment’s delay. This is an astounding recommendation since you just can’t do both immediately! It is far less demanding to either work out the song for 8-bars or shut out a harmony course of action than it is to do both without a moment’s delay.