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Information about Breathing Space

While most understudies need to know when to play certain notes and harmonies, it’s similarly essential to know when not to play. For instance, I had an understudy who knew how to ad lib and play in the New Age style. What he didn’t know how to do was to take into account breathing space. I attempted to show him that you don’t need to play note upon note yet take into account a few delays.

In the end he got it. He figured out how not to surge and that the stops between notes are as critical as the notes themselves – particularly in the New Age style of piano playing. Listen to pioneer New Age piano player Steven Halpern to get a great thought of this. Steven truly characterized “breathing space” for music. His music skims noticeable all around. It is unadulterated spontaneous creation and, in the event that you hear him out play, you’ll see that’ it’s one of the most effortless styles to play in.

He we should the spaces in the middle of the notes work for him. There’s unquestionably no hurrying here. It’s exceptionally daze actuating and quieting. To play along these lines, you should be particularly IN THE PRESENT and listen for what’s to come. There’s no arranging or thinking ahead here aside from possibly to pick a Key or Mode to play in. At that point you simply ad lib.

The spaces between the music are as critical as the music itself. Truth be told, without the spaces, you wouldn’t have this style. The spaces characterize the style of music. A ton of New Age piano players copied Halpern and you can’t improve to figure out how to ace the craft of hush than by listening to him. Likewise, look at the creator’s online piano lesson “Oriental Sunrise” to get another great case of “breathing space.”